Convergent mobile media are increasingly popular among European children. However, up-to-date and comparable findings regarding the use of mobile media (especially smartphones and tablets)…
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The project is aimed at studying the post-desktop media ecology that children inhabit and its consequences on young people’s online experiences. More specifically, the project is articulated in the following objectives…
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EU Kids Online and Net Children Go Mobile presentation to the ICT Coalition

News | 15 April 2014 -
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Brussels 15/4/14
New findings comparing our surveys of 9-16 year olds in 2010 and 2013 in five European countries show:

  • More use of mobile devices to go online
  • A slight increase in the percentage who encountered one or more online risks
  • Tablet and smart phone users more likely to encounter one or more online risks
  • Rise in cyberbullying, especially for girls, though offline bullying is still greater
  • Slight rise in exposure to pornography, though rates of sexting are unchanged
  • A rise in meetings with strangers offline (but not online)
  • A rise in exposure to negative user-generated content (but not data misuse)
  • A rise in the percentage who self-report exposure to harmful experiences online, especially among girls and teens
  • Qualitative research reveals kids’ struggles to manage their online environments
  • Smartphone users have more safety skills but, overall, skills have declined
  • Smartphone users need new skills, especially among young girls

Download the full presentation of Eu Kids Online and Net Children Go Mobile data to the ICT coalition

Our project presented in London

News | 14 March 2014 -

Professor Sonia Livingstone of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) who directs the EU Kids Online project, will present the Net Children Go Mobile survey’sfindings at the annual conference of The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health in London.

For more information download the press release.


News | 11 February 2014 -
NetChildren_FullReport_Survey_Infographic_WEB-02 NetChildren_FullReport_Survey_Infographic_WEB-01